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Related article: Date: Thursday, December Preteen Girls 27, 2007 23 30th 34 -0500 From: ronyx u003cronyx Woh. rr. com u003e Subject: fragile as a Bird Chapter 4 The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to someone simply at random. The story is intended for mature audiences. May be obscenities and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave and find something better to read. The author retains all rights a history. Do not copy or use without written permission. Write to Ron ronyx Woh. rr. com with your comments. fragile as a Bird Chapter 4 If you came to the weekends? What lame brain said no we a school, but take a few days off? I hate weekends. that s very lonely for someone like me. What should I do? I leave my house before my dad gets up and begins to drink. I do not want to be like their scapegoat, just because it feels like someone to fuck her. My mother is listening of trash for 18 years. She has in thisAzinger opportunity to close only him, and he is helpless before them. He does not even reach their n This means that they become the object of his aversion. So just get the fuck of Dodge. What does someone who has no friends, when a 48 hours reason, all you want to do? I usually drink and be high, s the only way I forget that I have no friends and nothing to do. That's why I like school. At least I do something to take my spirit of my miserable existence. In my view, as I'm there, I might as well get the most out of it. That's why my grades are so high. I s the mind is a sponge for information, in the same way that my liver is a sponge for alcohol. I think they're in a race to see which part of. I vote for my liver. That's when my lungs not to win the race of all the weed smoking. I'm on my way to Lake Sullivan did it again. It's hot today. I removed his shirt and I'm taking the hot sun. Jesus, that feels good. I almostglad to be alive. Almost. And what was that shit with all the other days? I learned that coffee store this morning. Even checked on the bridge, you know, just in case decided to make this morning. But do not go anywhere. In the last few nights, every time I close my eyes I still see the void behind him. I'm afraid. I guess I should not give a shit, n , but I know. I can not explain. In my short life I have met many figures lonely and tragic. The boys have poured their hearts to me, after I sucked his cock. They feel this need to seek absolution, I to guess. I was told by their miserable lives, they will do that warrant, what we have done. But Allen is different. I love it here. It must be what it is to be God Preteen Girls for the Garden of Eden - as quiet and peaceful. Would not it be great if the world was like s that ? No shit happens. What exactly the word I want ? Yes, serene. get along people and things. No conflicts or wars or other tha thingst have in the ass. peaceful and quiet. Sometimes when I go to bed so I wonder if they is what eternity is like. Would not it be great to spend more feel that way. Nobody yelled at me telling me what a miserable shit n I am. No more than sucking a strange cock money to do almost anything can things not to do first. However, for a few hours a week, yet I have them. It's the only thing that I would be lost if I ever left this damn place. Sullivan Lake. that s the only place where I am. I do not know what I mean. It's as I leave for a while and I 'm not spiritual, to guess. Nothing defines me. No sex, drugs or alcohol. Do not yell fuck the father's head, and not a look of disappointment in my mother s ` s face. I have not looked condescending my ​​classmates, and no fag 'or ' Joey Hoey. is a quiet and peaceful. This is what I want to be, but I do not know a fucking clue how to make aChieve it. How I can take what I feel like this minutes and maintain it? I have about a mile from here and start in the real world , and the same old shit again. And where the hell is this? I want here to carry Sullivan Lake. For the second day, I want to come here and learn what feel. Perhaps the sun passes through empty eyes and give one minute of peace. On the other hand, maybe not. That is my thing. It is not intended to be divided. If I share, I'm giving away a part of it to someone n else, and I can not. I know this sounds selfish, but what do I I? *************** " Yes, boy? " Louie question, as it cracks open the door and looks angry out. " The usual. " "expect". Louie returns a minute later and handed me a paper bag with cheap wine to include. I give him a ten and closes the door. Suddenly, I hear footsteps behind me. I turn and two policemen run against me. "Do not move ! " One SHouts. Instinctively, I turn around and drag his ass. is not the first time they have had to flee a situation. I heard one of them running about two feet behind me. Must be a young policeman. The elderly usually do not last long. jump a fence and then head into an empty alley. I can still hear him behind me, but now he is breathing with difficulty, and fell a few meters else behind me. " Stop running, You bastard !" He cries in despair. I laugh n I know it is rapidly exhausting. " Gotcha! " I have no police No step behind a building and me take down. He has football in high school or college have played, , because I grabbed her by the waist, and both fell to the ground. Prior to my senses again, was handcuffed and support to the back of a patrol car. "Do not look so smart. " The young policeman who'd been chased n leaning against the door, still gasping for air. There was not much to do better. My chest was killing me. The weedInfluence on my wind. I used to be able to walk for miles without even breathing hard. A few blocks, and now I have the feeling he experienced Preteen Girls a heart attack. closed the door, jumped into the car and left. I took me to jail, but we were in the wrong direction. that drove and parked at Louie. In a few minutes, and Luis two employees were taken in handcuffs. Louie looked at the crossing and shook my head sadly. I feel like a miserable piece of shit. Because compassion for children as I now was probably some time in jail to serve. Louie one of the good you know what I mean? He sees street children and has never tried to take advantage of us. " Will you take me to jail? " I asked the police after we leave. " No, man. " He turned and looked at me. " You're only seventeen. It is sent to reform school for you. " Damn. I knew what it meant. Since it took at least the system, would be tor call my old man. Shit. I'm screwed. If n I had an adult jail, which had been locked up until my court appearance, without my parents knowing anything about it. probably had not even noticed I was missing. ************* " So tell me, Mr. Carpenter, why do you want the alcohol?" Older people Women I had my case was assigned to the report below and read my arrest. She looked tired. I suspect you could probably give a rat 's ass, so I take. I'm in a different folder on your desktop, the that is required as soon as possible. "I wanted to give the dog," he quipped. " I see," he said, removing his glasses and looked at me. "Listen, smart ass can do this my way, or we can do it the hard way. I think that I prefer it my way. " I have tried to see his hopes , but looked away for a few seconds. that s children treated far worse than me in recent years. This was my first arrest, and I was so out of my league. "Sorry, " I am apologized. "It's something I do from time to time. " his glasses and then spent several minutes browsing with a folder that had my name on it. For someone who never before before in trouble, there was some material in the folder. I stopped reading and looked for a minute. "Why is a child with a 4 0 GPA sits opposite me for underage consumption calculated alcohol, lack of performance, dodging the police and opposition to state power ? " N I lowered my head. I had no answer to give to her. What should I do? Tell her, my ​​life story, to answer, I wanted to go. Even if it s was the time I'm sure you would not like. She just wanted to to end this as painlessly and effortlessly as I did. " You have nothing to say? " " No, ma'am. " The silence in the room was deafening. When I hung my head, I realized , still looking at the top of my head. No noise, not the mixture of paper or the interruption Preteen Girls of a call. only silence. finally cleared his throat and spoke. " Look at me, Mr. Carpenter. Joey. " He lifted his head and looked into my eyes friendly. " I've noticed that you're going South Western High School. " Passed by several other papers on his desk. "It was a little difficult, because which is a Saturday, but I called Mr. Walters, the deputy director. After reading your report card, I realized that I was using a guy , prone to a life of crime. do many honors students here. I found her fascinating case. " you looked and gave me a quizzical look. " So I try to understand n , what brought you here today. I think it's a lot of it has to do with his father. " At the mention of the name of my father, that changed my mood, anger. I sat vertical and was extremely defensive. I do not know where this conversation was. sensing my anger, said, "Do not worry, Joey. After consulting with his father on the telephone, I am very sympathetic. It is a real jerk. " I bit the tip of my lip tried a smile on my stop the face. The last thing I would say they expect a minor advisor my ​​dad was a jerk, but true. " Mr. Walters share some information with me. " He sat back again and studied me in silence. "I do not have locked will do good. In fact, it could be detrimental to your case. In spite of the a bad life at home, you go to school and good grades. He I said : you may be better student this year, depending on how you qualities spend the rest of the year. I, I think that is very respectable. " " So what 's going happen to me ? "I asked. She seemed to help me, but it seemed much more I could do, given my current circumstances s. " Is there a responsible adult to come and sign up?" My head came, I saw your smiling face. " You are Loosen me ? " " Yes," she said, "and I hope I'm not making a mistake. I have ªis for 26 years and I've never wrong but in my n hunches. Please show me not the first not mistaken. They eighteen in a few months, and made his way through the system time youth would an adult. " " But I do not know anybody, "he sighed. " You are my mother? " " Yes, I did. " The frown on his face made ​​it obvious that the position of the mother of my s it. I had to keep the peace at home. If that means giving to me, then there was the price he was willing to to pay. "can be, which is at least eighteen? "I had a sudden idea. nodded. " Whenever you are eighteen years old and ready is responsible for their behavior. " SO ticker came an hour later. He met with the consultant, I found out later , was Ms. Fulton. They ticker sign some papers. Most of them routine in place. I tried on basically as an adult, what I said was s not unusual for someone who is close to eighteen years of age. When asked about the charges on my against which saiduld will be dropped as long as I got in trouble until I was eighteen. I also somewhere near Louie is prohibited. That was no problem, Louie was pretty sure would never see me again. ", I said that one day his vices, he n problems. " Ticker grabbed me and my head under his arm and began to I get a Noogie. It was a few years since I had done. I tried to pull away, but because he was twice my size, no sense. " Shut up, asshole !" I squeaked. " This shit hurts. " He let me go, threw his arm around my shoulder protector. "What will you do now ? " He asked anxiously. " Your old man is not taking this well. " " Tell me. " I could not decide whether to decapitation or castration as a fitting punishment for my rebellious behavior. We have in his car and left. " Where do you want a ride? " " home, I guess. " I do not know where to go otherwise. I knew I would have to front of his wrath, or lateter. That was a few years ago, and that s Last I knew, maybe he thought I had become too large to take even longer. " Are you sure? " He looked at me with a look of concern. Could he knew how angry to be my father. Line was the only person who had actually seen, bruises my father had done to my body when I was younger. he day see the bruises on my back and tell me what color they were. I always felt relieved when he told me he had gone, then I could go to swim back at the local pool - n at least until the next time " Not really," I replied, " But where else should I go? " sat ticker down a block from my house. That was the routine. wanted I think my father that I went where I went directly to if just my activities. When I approached the house, I could see my mother peeking out from the curtains in the living room. They concluded, as he saw me looking at it. When I went to the side of the house in the garage door, my clothes were thrown all over the yard. It looked like my father had n drawer of my dresser and just dumped it out. There were a few bags of there. I guess it was the contribution of my mother. I tried the key in the door, but it would not work. My father had changed of the lock so that you can not enter the house. Dejected, I turned and material of the small amount of clothes in the yard scattered through the junk bags. Once done, I threw it over my shoulder and went to the sidewalk. I have no idea where they go. One thing was certain, he needed money. There is one way I knew it. I went out at midnight and I had to pick six guys. One was a regular bent me too. Now I had $ 150 in my pocket. At least I would be able to eat for the next week. Dream to find somewhere had another problem. I had to go. I had family in the area, no friends. I could not stay House Ticker. He came from a large family. ªbefore three teenagers s children in the apartment. The last thing we needed was another mouth to feed. On the other hand, when asked ticker has to stay, probably would refuse. I knew that s could cause a problem with him and his family, and I do not want to come among them. Sullivan Lake is cold at night. I have almost all layers Article the clothes I have, and I'm still lying here shaking. A small breeze blows across the lake, and is almost unbearable. But where should I go ? If I had stayed in the city, went to sleep in an alley somewhere. I was sure to be beaten and robbed in the morning. may be that a street kid, but I have much more knowledgeable of the street. I can Choose a john and usually can get some weed, but do not know how, defend. This was evident when Gene Albright wanted my ass kicked. A real person on the street immediately recognize my weakness. So I came to the lagoon. At least I knew I would be safe. Although n awake almost all night, because it was used in the stSector noises that produces the nightlife. I heard a rumor goes around me was over, and I am concerned that some of the stray animals suddenly upon me. and then there was the bloody owl. He played the trumpet in the tree above my head most of the night. **************** " You look like shit. " Billy Joe was the first man that caught my attention Monday morning, when I went to school. Camille even wrinkled her nose when I approached. I took the two bags Preteen Girls of clothes, hoping that I could to put in my closet. " I feel like shit," I said as I walked in the direction of my locker. had my head down during the first period. I tried to get a few minutes to sleep, but Mrs. Van Dyck, my professor of physiology, was a teacher. that s a habit of walking around the room and is fully aware of students who believed he was not paying attention. He seemed to be spend an unusually long time at my desk. "would be Joey Carpenter, report to headquarters. " Everyone turned looking at me, if the information noticewas developed in the PA system. I got out of my ​​desk and ran out of the room. "Your friend is here to pick ", someone said out loud that the whole class laughed. When I entered the school secretary asked me to sit down. she said, , n that Mr. Walters would like to see. He was on the phone, but you stay in touch with me soon. After 15 minutes, came out and beckoned me to follow, a in your office. I sat down and leaned back in his seat and got down to their s behind the head. He stared for a minute before saying all. " You have a little problem over the weekend ? " He continued : I watch as she rocked slowly in his chair. " Yes, sir," I said embarrassed. My head was down and saw that ant their way slowly through the soil. "I spoke with Ms. Fulton and was told to discard some n conditions. " " Yes, sir. " Moreover, I refused to look up. " I have known for some time I had problems at home"He said he soft", but that seemed to be in order. They come to school and do well. I known to have problems with other students sometimes harassed you, but you seem to handle the situation. I and the gossip that to hear what you to do when you leave these doors. " DamnNO! Damn, not even tears. I can not stop them. They are smooth n in my cheeks, and no matter how fast it clean with my sleeves fall even more. Mr. Walters gave me a handful of tissues and sat in silence while I I wrote. do not think I ever was as in my life of shame. Even going to school with bruises on me was not so bad as to break in front of other people. I do not know what happened. I think it was the mild form, told me. I remember, what would be the guy Mike gently talk to me. what he cared about me. "You look dirty, so I guess I did not stay home this weekend n? " I sat down and shook his head. " Are you telling me what happens? "The tears began to flow again, as he shook his head sadly. " here. " He leaned over the table and handed me a piece of paper with in one direction. " What is that? " " is the address of an intermediate station. "He said. " We have three other students who are currently housed there. You'll be safe. I called a Gerald McAfee, the director, and waiting for you after school. " " Thank you. " I reached out and took the paper and put it in my pocket. S the time, I was pretty sure it's not, but at least I n an option when I needed them. " I can go now? " " Joey, "he said, almost in a whisper. I looked and saw a anxious look in his eyes. " You're a smart guy, maybe one of the best sometime in this school. Frankly, I do not know how you do with all the things that happen in your life. Why bad things happen, good people, I have no answer. " I sat there and let the tears fall on your face without shame. Opposite me sat anyone really care about me, I ndid. The least he could do was hear what he had to say. " Regardless of what you're thinking, they have a great future ahead n you. " He said. "You're too smart to throw it away. " I laughed nervously. "Maybe my future is bright, but at this time things. Fucked " " Give Gerald and his team the opportunity to help," he said. "It can help, but I do not think anyone n me. " " No disrespect, Mr. Walters," he said sadly, I turned around and left his office with No tears from my eyes. That was before the depression, but does not use in comparison to what I was feeling now. Do not bother to go to class. I went to the nearest exit out of school. In my eyes, it would probably be the last time. I was determined never to return. roaming the streets of most of the day and looked at the car for someone who pick me up. I got in the car with an older man, and we go in a nearby alley. I sucked his cock, and then jumped out beforeand even Preteen Girls had the opportunity to pay me. Fuck it. What is the meaning ? The night in the city n is a scary place. Would walk for hours before, but always returned home. This time I had to survive, and was scary. I walked the dark streets trying to find a place sleep. I had a headache and I just wanted to rest for a few hours. I heard a song on the radio a few years ago, which I found amusing. The song said something about goose bumps come at night. That never more true. Do not know where they hide during the day, but permeate the Preteen Girls streets at night. hard look. Most seemed empty and lifeless. They wander searching. For some it is a discarded cigarette butt lying on a sidewalk. For others it is a naive person that $ booklet. For others it is sex. Not the kind you pay for, but the type to take fair. I found a place to hide, which I found quite sure, but in 10 minutes, I had developedwounded, and asked for money. One man went so far as to go through my pockets. Luckily, I had hidden in the depths of my shoe. Another man sat in the street and looked at me. He had seen good from time to time, but I do not know why. I soon realized. He took the cock out of her s and began to masturbate. When he got up and walked over to me, are shown on my face, I ran out of the alley and street. The clock was on the bench, which was February 13 was three days since I I had a good sleep. I felt like a zombie walking the streets eerily quiet. Funny how things suddenly fall silent. Earlier, the noise I had a headache, now silence me uncomfortable. When I was walking down the street, I had the strange feeling that I was seeing. I stopped every minute or two, and look back, if we follow. I looked in every alley, passing, wait to pounce on me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the numberThe Halfway House, Mr. Walters had given me earlier in the day. I was able to find a cell phone work. I've always been intrigued why people feel the need to consider the is the receiver and leave the cell phone. Was it done by a friend furious, or just vandals some momentary always a thrill ? Preteen Girls dialed the number, but I have a recorded message. Damn recorded message. I thought they were helping in the industry, the children. As in the hell that can help someone on the road late at night, when all that is is a disk, "We can not answer the phone right now. Please let your name and phone number n that will contact you immediately. " hung up, and then as a last thought, I tore the receiver Preteen Girls off the hook. I guess that answers my question, which is do something. I wonder how many other phones have broken by some desperate children need a safe place to sleep then went to the only place I know where I am sure - that SullivanVan Lake. Since I was on the other side of town, I had to cross the pass the bridge, where he learned to know Allen Foster, a few days before. I sat in the middle of the bridge and pulled hard Preteen Girls against my legs my ​​body. The wind was a cold breeze of the water below. depression consumes me, since I had never done before. I had beaten the rock bottom. I felt that there was no hope and no way of my situation. is completely black paint was splattered against the easel. There trace of color. Only the dark. I stood up. Fuck it. ***************** - mail to Ron 's comments : ronyx Woh. rr. com Ronyx Visit the website: www. themustardjar. com for more stories.
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